Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Merry Layne



Today my little sweet Merry Layne turns 3 years old.  How in the world did that happen?

I know that I am her Mommy but I must say that this is one sweet, adorable little girl.  I am kind of sad that her 2 year old year is over because I wish that I could keep her this little and cute forever.

It seems like just yesterday that I was bringing my little 9 pound, 7 ounce Christmas blessing home from the hospital. 

5 days old


We got off to a rough start with nursing but after that she was seriously the easiest baby ever!! 

Christmas Eve ~ less than a week old

1st Birthday


I see so much of her Big Sister Emma Lee in her personality and looks that it takes my breath away at times.  I am also seeing a lot of Bennett Lawson when I look at these 1 year old pictures right now.

2 years old

I never thought we could have a child that talked as much as Emma Lee or as plainly as Caleb Davis but she has outdone them all.  Her vocabulary is amazing and her Southern accent is just precious. 

She also has her Daddy wrapped around her finger tighter than anything I have ever seen.  He will just stop mid-sentence and say “Isn’t she the cutest thing?”.  I do agree with him but I also think that spells TROUBLE for us in the future because how can you tell that precious thing “no”?  Ha!!


We are planning to spoil her rotten today with a “Yee Haw Pink Cowgirl Party”, which was her request.  It should be a fun time!!


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Choir Concert

Our oldest 3 children love to attend Children’s Choir at our church each week.  They were excited to participate in the Christmas concert again this year.

Fake Smiles All Around. Ha!!

This was Emma Lee’s 1st time to actually be up in the choir singing with all the “big kids” so this was a special night for her.  (She was a tad bit nervous about being up there but she did GREAT!!)


Here is a little preview of the concert…

Ok, so I am TERRIBLE with video files.  I do not have the greatest history and I cannot seem to get this thing to upload to YouTube.  Any advice?  Just imagine some great looking kiddos singing their hearts out for the Lord!!  They all did a great job and I was one proud Mommy!! 

Caleb Davis worked for weeks on his speaking parts + solo and he did a GREAT job the night of the concert.  I am always so proud of his excitement to get up in front of others.  He definitely does NOT get that from me.  Ha!! 


The children all did so great and they are looking forward to a new semester of choir in January!!