Tuesday, February 18, 2014

1st Valentine’s Day

I just love having a new baby in the house because you get to experience all those little + big milestones in their 1st year of life.  Of course Friday was Mister Bennett Lawson’s 1st Valentine’s Day so it was extra special to celebrate this day with him.

Here are a few Valentine’s Day pictures of the sweet little dude that has stolen my heart (and all my time) these past few weeks…


Bennett Lawson ~ 7 Weeks


Mommy’s Little Valentine


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  1. Newborns are too precious. Hey! I made the chicken recipe (that you posted the other day) last night, and the whole family loved it. Caleb even got seconds. It goes on 'the list.'!

    1. Yeah!! I am so glad you all liked it. I was hesitant at first so share our recipes because I was afraid someone would try and hate them but I got over myself and decided that if we like some of you might like it too. :)