Tuesday, March 4, 2014

One Day…

I know that there will be one day when I will treasure this picture.


It is evidence of my babies playing with their toys.  It shows where little hands have been and it shows where an imagination has been used.

One day I will not even remember the frustration of toys all over the house or how I long to have all the rooms in our house picked up (and kept that way while I do other tasks throughout the day).


I want to remember the giggles and happiness of a new toy.  I want to remember the innocence of having nothing to do each day but play and find the fun in everything.


I want to remember these precious everyday moments that I am blessed to spend with my children.  Each day we are at home living, loving, and learning together.  This is a treasure.  It is a blessing from God and I really do not want to overlook how precious these days together are. 


This quote pops into my mind often when I am having those long, hard days... 


I know it is so true and I really do not want to take even one of these normal, busy, loud, crazy days for granted.  I made this photo in our yard when we had the big snow a few weeks ago.  I know we all are getting spring fever around here but I still love this photo and I think I might enlarge and frame it.

But what about you?  Are you cherishing these crazy, busy, messy, (and often at my house LOUD) days that God has blessed you with?
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  1. I love it. Great post, and my boys would love that Monsters University play set. Too cool! Or am I the one that wants to play with it?

    1. Thanks April!! And yes, we often end up with toys, not because the children have asked for them but because Daddy + Mommy think they look neat. :)